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I Love Fantasy

October 2014




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Aug. 11th, 2012

I Love Fantasy

[sticky post] Serial Fiction Master List

Here's a (not yet complete) list of the parts of my serials.

It's All Downhill from HereCollapse )

The Church and Its OrbsCollapse )

Gods and Shadow CreaturesCollapse )

I Prefer the Mind ControlCollapse )

Dec. 12th, 2020

Heart Reading

Fanfiction Continuity Post (UPDATED 6-26-13)

Fanfiction Under HereCollapse )

Oct. 25th, 2014

Hello World

Yuletide Letter!

Dear Mysterious Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! ^_^

I’ve included lists of elements I like and elements I dislike, as well as possible prompts for the fandoms and things I’d like to see for each selection I made. Slash and femslash stories are definitely high up there for my likes; there’s also a lot of kinks and such in this letter, but, as long as you avoid the things I don’t like, I’m sure I’ll be happy no matter what kind of story you write. You don’t have to include or write about anything that makes you uncomfortable; I want you to enjoy writing for me. :)

Some of these fandoms are already on the smuttier side, but any rating is fine. I know you’ll come up with something awesome.

For my fic, I'd prefer a happy or hopeful ending where none of the main characters die. Angst and dark themes are cool and probably unavoidable for some of these fandoms, but I'd like things to end with at least some hope. No completely dark or totally hopeless endings, please.

One thing to note is I LOVE D/s themes and BDSM but DO NOT like the idea that submission is a weakness and that the dominant person gains something while the submissive person loses something when they surrender to them. I also do not like the idea that women are naturally submissive. If you keep all that in mind, I'd be super-happy if you included D/s or BDSM stuff. ^_^

These fandoms are in random order and not organized by preference or anything like that. I'd be super-happy to get any of them. :)

Also, while I may have suggested a lot of prompts, if any of my general likes speak to you, feel free to disregard the prompts and go with your own idea.


Things I Like:
poly relationships (including open relationships), BDSM, power imbalance, D/s themes, breathplay, knifeplay, bloodplay, consent issues (fuck or die, AMTDI, etc.), hurt/comfort, strong women/competent women in positions of power, branding, collars, claiming/establishing ownership, prizes/the spoils of war, shyness, cuddling, exhibitionism/voyeurism, sex with one person naked and one not, characters who wear glasses, virgins/inexperience, public arousal/sex, cat people (not covered in fur)

persons of color/interracial relationships, sex slaves, gods messing with mortals, royalty, fairies/fae, human/nonhuman relationships, prostitution, accidental bonds, the "there is only one bed, so we have to share" trope, humorous fics, aliens, the "sugar mommy/sugar daddy" trope where someone who is rich takes in someone who is in need of money in exchange for companionship and often sex. The person who is taken in is often given expensive gifts, taken on extravagant trips, and the like.


Things I Dislike:
Infidelity, ladies treated horribly especially when it's just to create angst for the male protagonist, scat, ageplay (including daddy!kink), puppy/pony play, vampires, zombies, shifters, bestiality, necrophilia, vomit, jealousy, vore/cannibalism, incest, gay for you, underage, food involved in sex, healing sex, parenting-themed anything, magical minorities, white people being the Best Member Ever in a group of POC

pregnancy, watersports, body swap, Westerns, medical fetishization, foot fetish, crossdressing, alpha/beta/omega verse, school uniform fetishization, rape to love (exception: the rapist does not do it of his own free will), 2nd person POV, misunderstanding-based plots that would be easily resolved if the characters would just talk, plots based on characters being stupid in an out-of-character way just to facilitate the plot, brain damage/brain injuries, character-bashing, focus on het romance/sex


Fandoms and Characters

Hojer Series – Alicia Cameron (Jeremy “Jere” Peters, Wren)

I have a serious weakness for slavefics, and this one definitely fit the bill. I love how Jere is a reluctant master who ended up with a slave unintentionally. Jere is definitely a fish out of water when he moves to Hojer, and that’s fun. The relationship between Jere and Wren is engaging, and the world in the series is cool (even if it’s rather messed up). Smut is not required but certainly appreciated in this fandom.

I requested just two characters, but that's not because they're the only ones I'd want. Other optional characters I'd love to see included are Dane and the younger Paltrek Wysocka.

A few ideas for you to choose from:

– What about an AU with Wren as the master and Jere as the slave? How would that work, since in canon their statues are tied to their gifts? I'm quite fond of the idea that Wren would be a lot less egalitarian than Jere is, but it's up to you how they'd interact. I'm curious to see how these two personalities would do in a universe where the roles were switched. Bonus points if somehow the younger Paltrek is a slave in this universe. Would Dane be his master?

– Jere tries to plan an anniversary surprise for Wren -- the problem is he's terrible at being sneaky and organizing anything without Wren's help. Will Wren like his surprise? Smut would be great here, but it's not required. Set this whenever during canon you think is the most appropriate.

– How about a canon scene from a different perspective? It would be cool to see something from Dane's or the younger Paltrek's perspective. How do Jere and Wren's unusual interactions look to outsiders? It would also be neat to see Dane and his master when Jere and Wren are not around.

– A smut prompt! It is an erotic series, so it would be lots of fun to see Jere and Wren having kinky sex. Wren does enjoy Jere's submissive side, so exploring that is always a good time. It's interesting to see the ostensible master liking to be dominated (even if he won't allow anyone to break his skin with a knife after the events of one of the short stories).


Finder no Hyouteki | Finder Series (Asami Ryuichi, Takaba Akihito)

This pairing has so many issues and is definitely twisted. I enjoy the series with all its drama. It’s just so sexy. For this fandom, I definitely want a story where Asami and Akihito’s relationship is the focus. Smut is not required but certainly appreciated in this fandom. I've only read the volumes published in English, so no spoilers for anything volume 6, please.

A few ideas for you to choose from:

– A space AU! It would be so much fun to see space yakuza. I bet news photographers exist even in outer space, so Akihito would get in trouble just like in canon, though I'm certainly not opposed to him meeting space!Asami in some other way. I wouldn't say no to one of the boys being some kind of sexy alien, either.

– A urban fantasy AU! I don't want zombies, werewolves or vampires, but other sexy supernatural creatures are totally cool, like demons and fae. What if Asami were some kind of powerful and high-ranking demon, and Akihito is a young man investigating supernatural phenomenon who gets more than he bargains for? Bonus points if Asami is an incubus because I think he would have supernatural seduction abilities in that kind of world.

– If you don't like speculative AUs, how about a story where Akihito asks Asami to take him out on a date like a normal couple? I don't know how easily Asami would give in, but he might agree eventually? Maybe they go to a cherry blossom festival? It would be amusing to see Asami out of his element if he tries to act anything like an average everyday person. I doubt he'd be that great at it. ^_^

– Another real-world prompt idea: Akihito is looking up a new-to-him kink online, when Asami catches him in the act because Akihito is not as stealthy as he likes to think. Asami teases the very embarrassed Akihito, and, naturally, sex ensues. (Bonus: the kink Akihito is looking up is knifeplay/bloodplay.)


Black Magician series – Trudi Canavan (Lord Dannyl, Tayend of Tremmelin)

This series was set in a cool fantasy world, which is a thing I always enjoy. They even had canon queer characters, which is sadly rare. The problem I had was when the gay couple wasn’t really allowed to be a couple in the first trilogy. Thats where fanfic comes in. I requested this fandom because I’d really like to see guys acting actually romantic, affectionate and even sexual towards each other.

I requested just Dannyl and Tayend, but I have a prompt with Ashaki Achati, too, as an option. If you want him to show up, that would be cool.

A few ideas for you to choose from:

– Dannyl and Tayend spent a lot of time in that library. I imagine their study sessions didn't always stay perfectly chaste. There were probably at least some library makeouts, which would be awesome to see. They didn't get to express nearly enough affection in canon itself.

– What would some of Dannyl and Tayned's canon interactions look like from Tayend's point of view? If you could work in onscreen displays of affection, that would also be awesome because there just wasn't enough of that in the first trilogy itself.

– How about another alternate-POV prompt? If you're cool with writing something for the second trilogy, it would be great to see how the events there look from Ashaki Achati's perspective? I wouldn't say not to sexy content here, either. This would be an exception to my "no infidelity" rule as Ashaki Achati is actually married, though I would prefer his wife not actually show up much or be too important to the fic.


Shatter Me f. Lzzy Hale - Lindsey Stirling (Music Video) (The Engineer, The Ballerina)

I see so many femslash possibilities in this video. Something about a relationship or attraction between the two female characters was the first thing I thought of, but I'm open to other kinds of connections between them. The steampunk elements in the video were awesome, and it just has cool visuals. I see lots of storytelling possibility in this video, and it’s a good song, too. :)

A few ideas for you to chose from:

– Something set in a steampunk verse where the characters experience repressed attraction to each other but struggle to express it in a possibly-hostile world. I can't help thinking a lesbian steampunk ballerina would be awesome.

– What if the ballerina were actually some kind of robot/cyborg? It would be neat to see a relationship between the human engineer and the nonhuman ballerina, especially if you break convention and have the robotic partner more in touch with her emotions.

– The ballerina is trapped and the engineer has to rescue her. What does she have to do to save her and what is their relationship? Can the engineer save her, or are her own issues going to foil any rescue attempts?


Captive Prince – C.S. Pacat (Damen, Laurent)

These books are awesome; I just wish the next one was coming out soon. There’s so much rich worldbuilding, plot, and fascinating character relationships. In this fandom, I’d be happy with either slash or UST-filled pre-slash like what happens during the bulk of the novels.

I requested just the two characters because I want the focus to be on them, but feel free to include other characters in your story if you want. :)

A few ideas for you to choose from:

– What happens next? How can you make a happy ending Damen and Laurent come out of the events at the end of the second book? I want to see them together and happy if you can make that happen.

– This may be a little out-there, but if you could make a Space Opera AU happen, that would be beyond awesome. I think that kind of setting could work with the intrigue and plotting of the main novels.

– We don't get to see Laurent's viewpoint in canon, so a story from his POV would be cool. He's so intelligent, so something where he's plotting circles around other characters would be fun, either during canon or after.

– Also, canon divergence and role reversal AUs are fun, like what if Auguste had lived or what if Laurent were the slave?

– Of course, I wouldn't say no to smut fic between these two characters. They're so sexy together, with a interesting character dynamic between them.


Happy writing! I look forward to seeing the awesomeness you create. ^_^

Jun. 16th, 2014

Heart Reading

Help an LJ friend?

Jun. 6th, 2014

Reader Girl

Promotion Time for writerverse!

 photo burning_night2_zpsa6f93559.jpg

Hello writer-types,

You all should join writerverse if you haven't already. It's an awesome writing community that has various challenges and prompts every week (both original fiction and fanfiction are allowed). It's great for keeping up with your writing if you're having trouble with inspiration, and it's not too high pressure. It's just two challenges a month to stay active.

It's definitely worth checking out. :)

Jun. 4th, 2014

Heart Reading

Heartbeats: Voice Against Oppression - OUT NOW!!

Originally posted by belgatherial at Heartbeats: Voice Against Oppression - OUT NOW!!
Heartbeats: Voices Against Oppression is now available on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Paperback here.
Kindle here.
And it's on Goodreads here.

This is the blurb from Amazon:

Heartbeats: Voices Against Oppression was created as a collaboration between M. Kate Allen, Jax Goss of Solarwyrm Press, and Kristen Duvall of Fey Publishing. We wanted to create something that would speak powerfully for the many thousands of men, women and children worldwide who live enslaved and oppressed, while simultaneously raising funds for those who fight trafficking and slavery. In this book are stories of oppression and liberation, of empowerment and the stripping away of power, of enslavement and escape. Many are hard to read, many will break your hearts or make them soar, all are united in the idea that the use and abuse by some humans of other humans must stop. Every person who worked on this project did it for free, so that absolutely all the profits made from the book can go to notforsalecampaign.org, and the excellent work they do. By buying it, you are helping that work continue. May we someday live in a world where such work is not needed.


I'm incredibly proud to be part of this initiative, and the important work it supports at Not For Sale. It's not news to anyone that I am powerfully opposed to all forms of oppression and othering, and I think that this sort of slavery and trafficking is something we as a species need to stamp out. Every person who worked on this book, from the writers, to the editor, to the publisher, to the cover designer, did it for free, so that every single cent we make from the sale of the book can go to this very important cause. The stories are difficult to read in many cases, touching, and haunting and profoundly moving. Some are heart-breaking, some are empowering, all are worth the read.

So buy it. Because it's good. Because the stories are incredible and should be read. And buy it to support the Not For Sale Campaign.

Let's prove the power of story, of narrative, of our voices, can make a difference in the world.

May. 3rd, 2014

Stories to Tell

Call for Submissions: Charitable Anthology

Originally posted by pixiebelle at Call for Submissions: Charitable Anthology
Honoring the Missing Girls in Nigeria: A Collaborative Call for Submissions

In a unique collaboration between Fey Publishing and Solarwyrm Press, and thanks to an idea put together by M. Kate Allen, a new anthology of short stories will be produced at the end of May 2014 in honor of the over two-hundred Nigerian girls who were kidnapped at gunpoint by the religious terrorists of Boko Haram on April 14, 2014. All proceeds from sales of this anthology will be donated to http://www.notforsalecampaign.org, an organization that seeks to uncover and put a stop to human trafficking and slavery of all kinds.

The stories in this anthology will address enslaving and enslavement. To the extent that you, the writer, are free from the dangers and enslavement that these Nigerian girls and millions of others presently suffer, you are asked to take great care in considering your own privilege as you weave your tale. The stories in this anthology will seek to name the dynamics of privilege and unjust, unearned power and also seek to highlight ways in which those who are powerless may be thwarted or lifted up by any number of outer or inner forces. Writers are particularly encouraged to explore silence, indifference, and ignorance as forms of oppression.

This is a chance for people whose voices are free to join together to speak powerfully for the sake of those whose voices have been stolen away. The money raised from the sales of this anthology will do financially what the stories of this anthology aim to do narratively: contribute to a culture of liberation that reveals, names, and destroys all forms of oppression.

All short stories should be between 1,500 and 5,000 words long. All submissions are due to Jax Goss (solarwyrm at gmail dot com), editor at Solarwyrm Press and the editor of this anthology, by May 15, 2014 at 11:59PM Pacific time. The anthology is due to be published on or around May 31, 2014 by Kristen Duvall of Fey Publishing. Any questions about the content of the short stories, the fundraiser for the Not For Sale Campaign, or any other aspect of the anthology may be directed to M. Kate Allen at lifeloveliturgy at gmail dot com or at http://www.lifeloveliturgy.com.

Mar. 20th, 2014

Declan & Michael

LJ Idol Season 9, Week 1 -- Help a Friend?

LJ Idol voting closes at 9PM Eastern tonight, and my friend heeroluva is behind in the polls. Her entry, which can be found here, was way too awesome for her to be eliminated in the first round.

The poll is under the cut.Collapse )

Thank you! ^_^

Mar. 19th, 2014

Declan & Michael

LJ Idol Season 9, Week 1 -- Rec List!

I'm playing therealljidol under a sorta character alt, i_will_not_say, so I've read the entries. Here are a few that I especially liked:

elledanger - http://elledanger.livejournal.com/1272.html
heeroluva - http://heeroluva.livejournal.com/269924.html
rayaso - http://rayaso.livejournal.com/1145.html
tatdatcm - http://tatdatcm.livejournal.com/68722.html
theun4givables - http://theun4givables.livejournal.com/183939.html
x_disturbed_x - http://x-disturbed-x.livejournal.com/336043.html

You should check them (and the other entries) out, and you can vote for them here. ^_^

Dec. 28th, 2013

I Love Fantasy

Gods and Shadow Creatures - Finbar

And now for something a little different...here's a bit from my Gods and Shadow Creatures universe. Apparently the Finbar character is a prostitute now? That particular development wasn't on purpose, but characters will just...do stuff. We'll have to see if that development actually sticks, though!

Warning: allusions to [Spoiler (click to open)]rape.

“You’re back late,” Nico muttered. Sunlight filtered through the shuttered windows as Breccan entered their house. The redheaded man had been out all night. That annoyed Nico, though he had no right to be annoyed at his friend.

'I'm aware. Is that a problem for some reason?'Collapse )

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